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Bluebeard's Bride
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Whitney “Strix” Beltrán, Marissa Kelly, and Sarah Richardson
Magpie Games
Horror, Fairy Tale, Investigation, Tabletop Roleplaying Game

The game[edit | edit source]

Fairy tale[edit | edit source]

"Bluebeard" (Barbe bleue) is a french folktale from the 17th century. Author Charles Perrault published it 1697 in Paris, and his version is probably the most famous one. The tale tells the story of a wealthy but displeasing, ugly nobleman, who decides to marry again, although no one knows, what happened to his other several beautiful wives. Bluebeard then marries the neighbours beautiful daughter against her will and takes her to his rich and secluded, countryside palace. Shortly after their arrival there, Bluebeard must leave again due to some important errand, but gives the castles keys to his wife. The keys are able to open every door in the palace, but Bluebeard speaks a warning about one of the rooms, which has never to be opened. The young woman alone in the castle soon is getting bored and invites her sister and friends for a party. While the festivity is going, she sneaks away, because her curiosity for the forbidden room had grown so strong, and so she has to satisfy this desire. The pure horror unfolds, as she finds the corpses of Bluebeard's other wives hanging on hooks from the ceiling in that room. Frightened, she drops the keys into the blood on the floor. The young wife fails to clean the keys, so the blood stains stay on it. She finally reveals the terrible secret of Bluebeard to her sister, and both plan to flee the castle together. Bluebeard arrives sooner than expected and when he spots the keys, he's furious and threatens to kill his young wife. She can win some time, when she begs for a final prayer with her sister. Bluebeard then falls into a wild rage and tries to kill her, but the sister and the wives brothers arrive and kill Bluebeard. After his death, she inherits the castle and wealth and finally even remarries.

Game art[edit | edit source]

The artwork was created by Rebecca Yanovskaya, a freelance illustrator from Toronto, Canada.

Guides[edit | edit source]

Magpie games[edit | edit source]

The company was founded in early 2011 by Mark Truman and Marissa Kelly.